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Lars Boutrup´s Music for Keyboards: The Great Beyond

The Great Beyond

“The Great Beyond” contains of 9 new instrumental compositions written by Lars Boutrup in the style of classic keyboard driven prog rock inspired by artists such as Keith Emerson and Jon Lord.

Though drawing from such inspirations, the album has its own sound with hard rock organ, themes, synth and big grooves together with an energy that is surely missed in today´s music. So for those who like the prog rock family and the times of ELP, Pink Floyd, Trace and Yes it is surely the prog rock album to listen to and prog your head away to.

It´s cool, it´s groovy and it´s music you want to hear once again because of its imaginative, grand and musical nature. The Great Beyond is a tour de force in making the most beautiful instrumental prog album and also to make the listener stay tuned to all the great themes, synthesizers and prog rock organs together with a unique rhythm duo of drums and bass.

Release date: 2nd March 2020

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